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Gadis Comel Gebu

If you've ever picked up a Fashion Magazine, gone to see a movie, or simply turned on the TV, chances are you've noticed the makeup. It takes a lot of training and vision to get to the end result. If you're interested in a career as a makeup artist, your job possibilities are endless. Before we delve into the options for work, let's figure out how to get there.

Training. In order to have a successful career in makeup, regardless of what avenue you seek out, how and what kind of training you get will help define where you end up in your career. For example, if you want to work in the Film and Entertainment Industry, you will need specific training for makeup geared towards film. Makeup for a live camera is completely different than the makeup for, say, a Nordstrom makeup counter. You will learn about lighting and different kinds of film and lenses, period makeup, contouring, special effects, etc. Tuitions range in various programs depending on if you pursue a Film Program at an accredited university or a private program. You are looking in the range of $3,000-60,000 (average university tuition). Once you've completed your education, it will be much easier to find work.

If you are interested in working in Fashion, you are going to have to train in a different kind of makeup. You will learn how to use style to mirror the tones and colors of your makeup, an artist's vision, and shapes. You will sometimes have creative license to create works of art or do something edgy. Either way, breaking in to the fashion world can be difficult. You can attend a program like MUD (Makeup Designory whose programs run around $10,000). The benefit is that there are programs available all around the world. In order to look for work in your field, a great place to start is a fashion institute like FIDM in Los Angeles or New York. You will learn how to integrate your vision with another artist's creations.

If you want to do makeup for weddings or special events, you will need to have a good understanding of timing and lighting and that will also take some good training. You can go to any department store and train in a minimal program but that will not be enough. Always go the extra mile - it will prove worth it when you're actively working or seeking work. When searching for work, the best place to start is with wedding coordinators and event planners. Establish a good relationship with them and your career will be a success.

If you would like to work in a day spa or salon, most often you will have to have completed a State license of either Cosmetology or Esthetics. Each state varies in their licensing requirements but you are looking at completing somewhere between 800-3000 hours of training and practical application. Once you pass your State Boards, you will have your license and you can work in a salon or day spa or just about anywhere.

Every makeup academy has specific programs geared towards different styles of makeup. If you aren't sure what avenue you're interested in, sample them all. Eventually you will find your niche. One thing that should absolutely be considered regardless of what avenue you choose as a makeup artist is that skincare and makeup go hand in hand. Understanding the importance of how to care for your client's skin is going to contribute to the longevity of your career. So once you've gotten your training and are actively looking for work, depending on your avenue, here are some helpful tips:

* Going into any makeup profession requires that you work directly with people. If you aren't a people person, this isn't the right career path for you. * Makeup is an art form and like any art, you will only succeed if it is your passion. * If this is what you want to do, never stop learning or staying ahead of the curve. * Take chances, familiarize yourself with trends in the beauty industry and above all, don't do it for fame. * Regardless of where it takes you, being a makeup artist demands discretion and professionalism. * A good makeup artist always has a great working relationship with their clients.

So now that you have the tools, go out and create some beautiful makeup artistry!

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